What is an SEO audit and do I need one?

What is an SEO audit and do I need one?

The purpose of an SEO audit is to identify as many foundational issues affecting organic search performance as possible and provide specific details on correcting those issues.

If you are debating getting an SEO audit for your website there's a number of tools you can use. For best results we recommend hiring a professional. 

  • A website audit will determine key issues that is holding your website back from organic SERP's
  • Knowing what issues your website has and fixing them, can be the difference between ranking above or below your direct competition.
  • Better website health will improve the user experience that you are receiving from your website visitors.
  • Discover issues you might not be aware of
  • Learn specific issues that are keeping your website bogged down

What happens after I fix the issues in my SEO audit?

A couple things will happen after the issues are fixed. The biggest reward of fixing your SEO issues in the SEO audit is a better organic relationship with Google, and in-turn it's 8.5 billion search results that occur daily. If you own a ecommerce site, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or WIX, this can cause more traffic, and ultimately more sales. Your site will also have a better organic relationship with the other major search engines.

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