Collection: Fearless ™ Clothing and Apparel

The Heart Behind Our Brand

Fearless is more than a brand. It’s a mindset, a life set, a decision that is set wholeheartedly on removing fear from the equation. To me, to become Fearless is to surpass your inner most fears, doubts and voices that try to not only control you, but try to influence your decisions, your life. After living in fear (testimonial coming soon), fear became a pattern for me, influencing my daily decisions. Eventually, fear became a large part of my life, maybe not visibly, but deeply – in the inner most parts of my decisions. 

Being a young kid in the foster system and experiencing the hurt, abuse, torture, and pain that it comes with, developed fear in me at an early age of 4. To becoming a young teenager acting out in rage running the streets and living the fears that it comes with. Rejected by all, living homeless in the streets, rejected by the military, rejected by my family and everyone I knew. Becoming institutionalized with mental health issues and all the fears that controlled me. To obtaining salvation through Jesus at the age of 19 at a men’s home in Del Rey California, saved but still living in the fear of “doing Christianity right.” Eventually I became a husband and father and still had deep-down fears of not living up to the right standards of being a husband or father. Fear constantly whispering through every phase of my life, keeping me at arms distance with my breakthroughs and opportunities to not only grow, but help others grow as well.

No longer. Fear will not influence any part of my being. I choose to live in-action, with great expectations and a firm faith in what’s to come. To live life openly and to show my loved ones how much they mean to me on a daily basis. To fearlessly embrace all that this life has to offer.

Your life may not be like mine, but the chances are, if you analyze your life and look deeply inside – there’s a little bit of fear staring right back at you.

I choose to be FEARLESS! Will you be fearless with me?