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Website SEO Audit With a Free Website Speed Audit

Website SEO Audit With a Free Website Speed Audit

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If you are looking for a professional-detailed Website SEO Audit, you have come to the right place. Our SEO audits include a FREE speed audit and plan of action.

Kristina Powell - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Randy increased the speed of my e-commerce Shopify site substantially. He provided detailed steps that he was taking and translated them into non-coder talk for me to understand. He kept me in the loop every step of the way and overall has led to a faster website that converts more customers.

What website CMS platforms do we provide the SEO audits for? Glad you asked!
We provide SEO audit and Search engine optimization services for the following CMS platforms: 

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • WordPress/WooCommerce
  • WIX
  • BigCommerce
  • Square
  • Any website builder you are using

What does my website SEO audit include?
All of our SEO audits include:

  • Expert summary of issues provided in a downloadable PDF.
  • List of links with 404 redirect issues
  • Broken link report summary
  • Missing meta titles 
  • Duplicate meta titles
  • Too Short meta titles
  • Missing meta descriptions
  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Too short meta descriptions
  • Website speed audit
  • 5xx errors
  • 4xx errors
  • Duplicate content
  • Meta no-index
  • Redirect chain
  • Thin content
  • Missing or Invalid H1
  • Missing Canonical Tag
  • Multiple Titles
  • Title Too Short
  • Temporary Redirect
  • Slow Load Time
  • Overly Dynamic URL
  • 5xx Error
  • X-Robots Noindex
  • X-Robots Nofollow
  • Meta Refresh
  • Meta Nofollow
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Rank report

We also provide a plan of action to fix all of the audit issues and get your website supercharged with health and ready for organic rankings.

Why do I need a website SEO audit?

  • A website audit will determine key issues that is holding your website back from organic SERP's
  • Knowing what issues your website has and fixing them, can be the difference between ranking above or below your direct competition.
  • Better website health will improve the user experience that you are receiving from your website visitors.
  • Discover issues you might not be aware of
  • Learn specific issues that are keeping your website bogged down

What happens after I fix the issues in my SEO audit?

A couple things will happen after the issues are fixed. The biggest reward of fixing your SEO issues in the SEO audit is a better organic relationship with Google, and in-turn it's 8.5 billion search results that occur daily. If you own a ecommerce site, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or WIX, this can cause more traffic, and ultimately more sales. Your site will also have a better organic relationship with the other major search engines.

What does the FREE site speed audit include?

  • The speed audit will include your current website speeds on desktop and mobile using a combination of speed test sites (including Google PageSpeed insights)
  • A detailed overview of what is slowing down your website
  • Screenshots of the experience your visitors are having
  • Recommended plan of action to supercharge your websites speed.

We would love to bring you in as a long term client, however, there is no obligation after the audit. You could take the data and attempt to work on it yourself if you choose to do so. If you decide to let implement the SEO updates and fixes. The cost of the website SEO audit will count as a $1,000 credit towards your SEO services.

Shopify SEO and Speed Audit

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