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Structured Data and Rich Snippets

Structured Data and Rich Snippets

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What is structured data? Structured data is the customization of the way that Google (and relevant search engines) display your website in the search results. You can format the way your site displays by providing accurate data for Google to use. This data is created using JSON-LD syntax.

In a test study performed by Google on millions of user sessions, websites that used structured data in the results performed significantly better than websites that did not have structured data. 

Optimize your structured data and rich snippets for results. We can add this structure to any website platform, it's not limited to Shopify. For example, if you have a website platform using; WIX, WordPress, BigCommerce, Hard-Coded websites or any other website platform that has some type of access to the code, we can help you get your structured data format performing well. 

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